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Data capture, storage, analysis, visualisation and reporting. Practical and applied digital solutions for your stakeholders.

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Let's Translate Data into Knowledge and Action

How can I help?

Project Design

Got an idea? Let's map out the projects scientific and digital requirements.


Collecting data? I can assist you with collecting the right environmental data for the job, using the right data standards, at the right time.

Data Management

Let's work together to ensure your data is in the right place and in the right shape, enabling effective analysis and interactive reporting.


Data analysis is a vital component of any scientific and reporting process. I can assist you through aspects of the process, ensuring your results are fit-for-purpose.

Data Visualisation

Do you need charts, maps or infographics? I can guide or help you develop visualisations that bring life to your data.


Context is everything! I can help build context into your reporting, building understanding with an appropriate language and tone so you don't alienate your audience.

Areas of experience

Water Resources Management in New Zealand

I have a diversity of experience in Water Resources Management in New Zealand. This includes:

  • Specialised knowledge of water quality data and reporting requirements (including NPS-FM requirements)
  • Data storage and reporting solutions (Hilltop, Kisters, Aquarius, LAWA)
  • Spatial analysis and reporting of water quality/quantity data

Data Analysis and Visualisation

  • GIS analysis, visualisation and story-telling using ArcGIS Suite (AGOL, Pro), QGIS and bespoke developments(Mapbox, Google maps etc)
  • Data analysis and integrations. QA/QC. Interactive visualisations using modern web-tools and scripting methods (Python, Javascript)

Environmental Product Development and Design

I use a "Design Thinking" process to develop creative, user-centric solutions to problems:

  • Ideation, problem research and persona-identification
  • Customer requirements
  • Rapid prototyping (POC's)
  • Mockups, sketches and wire-framing
  • User-interface and experience design (UI/UX)
  • Detailed design, testing assumptions
  • Customer feedback, testing and validation

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