Transform Data into

Bridging the gap between environmental science and the digital world. Let's incorporate the best information and technology for your project.

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Practical and Applied Solutions

  • Project Requirements

    Have you got an environmental idea for the digital space? I can assist you in determining the project's data, information and technology requirements so your end-product is applied, effective and engaging.

  • Ideation and Prototyping

    Have you got requirements for scientific interpretation, GIS or data visualisation? Let me help you to bring your ideas to life.

  • Use the right tool/s for the job.

    There's countless digital tools out there. I can help you pick the right tool for the job, based on your project requirements.

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How I work

I take a structured, practical and applied approach to work with my clients. Here are areas where I can help you.

Initial Contact

Let's catch up and discuss your project goals, objectives and requirements.


Let's "define the problem" and discover the opportunities for your project.


I'll help you to determine the scientific, data and digital requirements for your project.

Fast Prototyping

Make use of modern digital tools to rapidly prototype and visualise your project idea.


Ensure that the foundations of your project are robust, before you launch.


Make sure that your product reaches the right people and is actively maintained.

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